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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Level 111

Level 110

Level 109

It's a little tough to get everything positioned just right but it does work.

Level 108

Level 107

Level 106

This one was kind of tricky so I am showing all the steps.

Level 105

Level 104

Be sure to place the three highest gray gears before pulling the two other gears out from under the orange ones.

Level 103

Level 102

Level 101

Level 100

Level 99

Level 98

Level 97

Level 96

Level 95

Level 94

Level 93

Level 92

Level 91

Stacking the three small gears to reach the top level is tricky. Positioning the top three gears is tricky as well.

Level 90

Level 89

You might need to adjust the position of the two big gears.

Level 88

Level 87

Level 86

Level 85

Level 84

Level 83

Level 82

Level 81